Monday, November 16, 2009

Douche of the Day: Airgun Rambo from Arizona

There's a tear in the beer of this Arizona State University student. Apparently this guy had some sort of personal vendetta against a check cashing place and started blowing it away with an air rifle. Honey, did you bounce a check? We're in a recession, it's okay, we understand. No need to start firing your air at the building so the windows fucking shatter!

The best part of this story is that the fucking po po show up, ready for a fucking showdown with a crazed gunman, only to find out this clown is packin' air. Apparently an air rifle looks like a real rifle, but the fuzz had to put their guns away after they realized Billy Bad Ass was not so bad ass. Hand the boy his NRA membership!

And really only a douche who uses an air gun would cry like a little bitch in his mugshots. Those are fucking classic. I hope he orders those in 5x7's and wallets, I'm sure his parents would be proud. So anyway, ol' boy does $15,000 in damages and receives an aggravated assault and felony criminal damage charges. Something tells me he might have to look for a new check cashing place to pay his fine.



  1. So are we taking bets that he is already someone bitch in county lockup? Even if he was only there an hour, he was bending over to pick up some soap, you just know it,lol.

  2. And you know he made the same face in the mug shot as he does when his "friends" in the pen hustle him LOL