Saturday, November 21, 2009

Douche of the Day: Kevin Federline

What a fucking skank. Kevin Federline is your stereotypical white trash idiot, married to some broad with kids and then Britney comes along and he sees "dolla dolla bills, ya'll", and drops ol' girl like a bad habit to get wit Britney. Kids? What kids? I'll make new ones! Yes, Britney and Kevin, true lurrrrrrve. Bitch, please.

His biggest claim to fame was his rap album (I can barely type these words without smirking) that went right down the toilet bowl (complete shocker, I know)... it was reported as one of the worst received albums in recent music history. So that's pretty good. He did some PR for his rap album at WWE matches... I don't even think I have a witty or snarky comment to say about that to be honest. Nothing says white trash hip-hop like professional wrestling.

It was by sheer opportunity that he got custody of those poor boys. If Britney hadn't have gone off the deep end, K-Fed would be living on someone's couch, sitting in his sweatpants, 400lbs, stoned, and eating Funyons all fucking day. He's really a stellar example of a douche. How is he even relevant? Shows up to some club in Las Vegas for his fucking birthday party and hardly anyone showed up! What a fucking doucher.

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