Saturday, November 21, 2009

Douche of the Day: Michael Lohan

I think the Lohans in general are all douches, to be honest. There are no words for Dina, Ali looks 14 going on 45, and Lindsay is a fucking hot mess as always. And I think they have a brother too, he probably is a douche and does drugs too. Who knows. But the biggest douche of that talentless, famewhoring family is Michael Lohan, by FAR.

Michael Lohan is, of course, trying to gain his footing back as father of the century after his ass had been in the pen three separate times. Nothing says World's Best Dad like a convicted felon who violates probation and restraining orders.

To be honest, he's a little too fatal attraction on his kids for my taste. I think this has to do with him wanting to mooch off his daughter's dead end career, like everyone else in their family. Michael is a famewhore who cannot stop himself. I love how he gets up on the TV and does these interviews like he and Lindsay just got off the phone. Meanwhile Lindsay is straight up "uh he needs help". Not that Lindsay is a stellar judge of character, but come on now. She didn't have a snowball's chance in hell with him as a farther.

But as much as she tells him to go fuck off publicly he's right back in her business. Get a clue, fucker. His ass will do anything to get on TV. He has no shame up on there saying Lindsay is on drugs, her girlfriend has taken over her life, blah blah blah. And that whole scandal about his alleged illegitimate child? He acted humiliated but you and I both know he got off hourly as US Weekly, Ok Magazine, and all the other tabloids were calling his dumb ass.


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