Thursday, November 12, 2009

Douche of the Day: Kanye West

Today's douche is the one I'd like to call Douchus Interruptus... Or perhaps the "Imma Let You Finish" douche. We're all familiar with Kanye for all the following things: 1.) Dating that bald bitch. 2.) TYPING IN ALL CAPS OMGWTFLOL!!!!! 3.) Interrupting poor little Taylor Swift at the VMAs to say that Beyonce was better (random aside: did you see when they cut to Beyonce's face? it was like "I don't know this asshole, what the fuck" haha) 4.) Acting a fool in 2005 during hurricane Katrina ("George Bush doesn't care about black people", anyone? I mean Dubya is a douche too but we'll discuss that another day.............) 5.) Having the ego the size of the universe by posing on the cover of Rolling Stone ala Jesus, donning a crown of thorns (I mean, really?)

Truly we could go on all day. But I prefer to let the douchebaggery speak for itself. Also for some funnies, try the Kanye West Apology Generator.

Imma let you finish Kanye, but you're the biggest douche there ever was.